Quality Policy established by BLM S.r.l. aims to manufacture and deliver to the customer products complying with all contractual requirements. This goal is pursued continuously, implementing and enforcing an appropriate organization of work, and through coordinated prevention and control in order to minimize and, if possible, to eliminate the presence of non-compliance in production processes. A further basic concept of BLM S.r.l.'s Quality Policy consists of anticipating problems rather than taking measures after their occurrence; this requires the co-operation and care of the entire organization and of each single employee.

The acknowledgment of its efforts to implement this policy are the certifications acquired and maintained over the years.

The management of BLM S.r.l. is constantly engaged in order to comply with a strict observance of all legal provisions relating to Safety, Health and Environmental issues.

The results so far obtained allow us to state that risk factors are definitely reduced to the lowest levels.


Non-destructive testing

BLM has qualified personnel in accordance with EN ISO 9712 for the execution of the following non-destructive testing:

  • Visual inspection
  • Dye penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
In collaboration with specialized companies, we offer also radiographic inspections, induced current inspections, etc.

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Total traceability

Quality management system of BLM allow to mantain the complete traceability of all information during all work steps, for example:

  • Materials
  • Operators
  • Machines
  • Controls

Full control of processes

All the activities and the processing stages are monitored and controlled: from check in of materials, through all working steps, to the final inspections before shipment. The welding equipment are equipped with data-logging systems that can record real welding parameters (voltage, current , speed, etc.) and resume them in a report available to the customer.