BLM S.r.l. realizes his products with high-tech systems.


Types of welds
BLM S.r.l. make different types of welds:

  • Full penetration weld joints.
  • Corrosion-resistant weld overlay.
  • Hard-facing weld overlay.


The welding processes are qualified and certified by third parties:

List of process qualifications

Weld process
Welds are made using various techniques:

  • GMAW
  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • SAW
  • ESW


Welding systems
Systems and specialized equipments are available for running processes:

  • Handling capacity up to 22,000 kg;
  • GMAW welding machines, up to 500 A;
  • No. 3 GMAW welding robot, up to 500 A, handling capacity 10,000 kg;
  • GTAW welding machines, up to 350 A;
  • SAW - ESW welding machines, up to 1000 A;
  • Positioners (column and boom) for GMAW-SAW, from 2x2m to 5x5m;
  • Rotary tables from 500 to 12,000 kg;
  • Turning rolls from 7000 to 25,000 kg.